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Apna Group
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Apna Instrumentation Solutions is an engineering company - that is a part of Apna Group of Companies founded in the year 1979 - providing Products, Services and Systems in the area of Test, Measurement, Automation & Control. Apna Instrumentation Solutions provides complete Automated Test Equipment, turn-key Test & Measurement solutions, specification development, technical consulting and software development services to a wide range of industry segments (like Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing etc) in India and globally.

Apna Instrumentation Solutions offers a variety of services to support the entire life cycle of a test and automation project, right from the earliest stage of needs identifications, through system design and custom application development to complete systems integration, implementation, project management and maintenance. Apna Instrumentation Solutions , apart from providing complete solutions takes up required customization in components when required. With a clear focus on quality and customer satisfaction backed by the skills of its people Apna Instrumentation Solutions consistently delivers the best-of-breed products, solutions and services.

Virtual Instrumentation
Virtual Instrumentation is a revolutionary concept that has changed measurement and automation around the world. Virtual Instrumentation combines and leverages the commercial Instrumentation - the PC and its related Instrumentation, hardware technologies and software technologies - to provide a FLEXIBLE and USER-DEFINED instrumentation solution to test, measure or control. Virtual Instrumentation increases productivity, provides flexibility and lowers cost for customers.

From testing Set-top boxes to In-Vehicle Data Acquisition systems, Apna Instrumentation Solutions uses the Virtual Instrumentation concept to deliver User-defined, Customized, Turn-key and Easily Upgrade diverse complete solutions to our clients faster and at a lower cost. We combine knowledge, our industry experience and specific domain expertise to deliver the best solutions, superior in performance that results in significantly increased productivity and quality for our clients, giving the best return on investments.

Apna Instrumentation Solutions provides solutions by integrating hardware and software from world leaders like National Instruments and creating specialized components, designs and embedded systems when required to meet the client's needs. Measurement and Automation field is a vast area and Apna Instrumentation Solutions has strengths to provide solutions. By way of our past projects, the expertise of the team and the technical tie-ups, Apna Instrumentation Solutions has gained several expertise - our areas of expertise include Software Consulting, Integrating Test, Measurement & Process Control Systems, and building turn-key Automated Test Systems. Using proven development and implementation standards, Apna Instrumentation Solutions has successfully tackled many engineering projects in several industry segments across small and big companies and we enjoy the variety and challenge presented by such a diverse clientele and diverse applications.

Apna Group
Apna Group established in 1979 as a small trading unit for laboratory consumables and over the years has ventured out to much varied fields. “Apna”, meaning “Ours”, was started by Late Shri.C.Desappan with a simple vision, “Providing Solutions and Touching Lives”. Apna Group now houses different companies under its umbrella conducting various businesses with the same impeccable quality, commitment and earnestness that Apna was started with and with the same simple vision of providing solutions and touching lives. Neither this growth in terms of business nor the passage of time has eroded the basic principle with which the company was started initially - to provide people with solutions and not just the services for their immediate requirement.

Apna Group is, as on date engaged in the following business through its core group of companies:

Solutions in Measurement & Automation
Instrumentation, Control & Automated Testing Solutions
Manufacturing of Ovens, Humidity Chambers and Lifecycle Chambers
Manufacturing of Customized Components
Supply of chemicals and glassware
Supply of laboratory instruments
Installation, maintenance and service of scientific instruments
Fabrication and installation of laboratory furniture and fume hoods
Fabrication and supply of all kinds of sheet metal fabricated units
Fabrication and installation of cashew processing machinery
Project consultancy for cashew processing plants
Interior decoration and space planning
Sourcing & supply of materials and projects
Contract Manufacturing
International Trade